Celeste Clancy

Professional Speaker

My vision is to inspire hundreds of thousands of individuals and companies to view their world through a different lens – to “reframe” their current environment and in so doing, create massive, positive growth throughout the world.


With a burning desire to inspire before I expire, my mission is to help individuals and organizations thrive by creating an environment to explore and implement mindset/culture shifts through the effective use of relationships marketing.

“I don’t want anything from you…
I want everything FOR you.” L.S.

~Celeste Clancy


Keynote Speaking Engagements

Individual Leadership Coaching

Inspiration & Motivation

Visionary Leadership Development

Change Agent

Identifying & Breaking Culture Blocks

Individual & Group Coaching for Financial Professionals

Meet to Compel, Not to Sell

Diversity & Inclusion

Breaking Down Barriers to Growth

Meet Celeste

Celeste Clancy is an independent financial professional who has resided in Valrico since 2002.

In her spare time, Celeste enjoys travel, reading, drives in the convertible (VW Beetle), attending ALL KINDS of music events/theatre, and playing (and watching) golf.



Group facilitation


HR management

Employee management

Culture change

Vision casting

Goal setting

Strategic planning

Target market (identify, create develop)

Corporate diversity (identify and inspire inclusion)

Mental Focus

Presentation Topics


Networking to Compel, not to Sell

Life Is a Series of Commas, not Periods

Who Suffers by Me Playing Small

Talk Less, Feel More, Defend Never, Praise Only

By Caring for My Networking & Business Relationships, I Take care of My Business

Compounding Effect …. What’s the power of a penny on a train track?

Joie de Vivre

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